Recycle American Dollars! Dollars spent on American-made products stay in America and that helps all of us. It protects stable, quality jobs for Americans. When the combined buying power of the American consumer is used to purchase American products, those dollars stay within our own system. It is recycling dollars and will help to make our economy strong again.

When you buy American made products, you put money in the pockets of your fellow AMERICANS. Every dollar counts and each of us has the power to make the difference.

The Downtown Waynesville Association merchants are finding and purchasing American made products. Look for the businesses and their products with the “Downtown Waynesville Made in the USA” custom poster in the window and on the merchandise. If you don’t see the American-made products you want, ask the shop to start stocking them. We are spreading the word. We feel it is important to educate our future generations (children) the importance of Made in USA. Their jobs, their future, and their way of life depend on it.

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